Process of Fertilization

Process of Fertilization

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Process of Fertilization
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The male gametes i.e the sperms are deposited in the female body by the process called as sexual intercourse. Once the sperms are deposited in the vagina, they need to travel upwards to reach the egg that is released from the ovaries and picked up by the fallopian tubes. When the sperm meets the egg, it needs to penetrate through its layers to cause fertilization. Both the Egg and the Sperm fertilize and form the diploid zygote.
Each parent provides 23 chromosomes at the initial fertilization. Thus, the zygote contains double the number of chromosomes (46). It is called diploid. Once this happens, zona pellucida from the egg forms a thick layer around the zygote to prevent more than one sperm to fertilize the egg. this zygote now forms into a morula and then into a blastocyst. It then develops chorionic villi from the outer layer of the blastocyst known as the chorion.
These villi attach themselves to the inner wall of the uterus. Implantation is the process of attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall. The tissues between the growing embryo and the mother’s uterine walls form the placenta. Placenta functions to provide nutrition to the embryo until its birth. The hormones estrogen and progesterone both help in maintaining the placenta and the fetus inside the uterus. The normal gestation period for humans is 38 weeks which is a little over 9 months.
At the end of this term, the uterine contractions begin under influence of hormones. A major hormone that plays a role in this is oxytocin. It affects the cervix and causes it to dilate to allow the baby to pass outside the body of the mother. The umbilical cord with its blood vessels and the placenta are also expelled along with the baby.
The mother’s hormones come back to normalcy from the next menstrual cycle.

My advise
1...  After marriage every couple dreams to have Healthy child.  For this they participate in Sex.
2...  Till to this date they don't know about their body nutrients
3...  All required nutrients are available in your healthy food.  Eat well before marriage and you can have healthy child in you first attempt of Sex.
4...  Your bodies must be filled with all needed nutrients, water n oxygen at the time of sex to avoid defective births
5...   Eat healthy food before your marriage and be fit to conceive

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