Reproduction of Human Beings - Male

Reproduction of Human Beings - Male

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Reproduction of Human Beings- Male
Posted in 2013

Reproduction in human beings is by sexual reproduction where both the male and female gametes fertilize to give rise to an embryo. The fertilization of human embryo occurs inside the body of the female. Thus, it is called Internal Fertilization. Human Beings are viviparous organisms who give rise to Embryos directly instead of laying eggs. Let us understand a little more about the male and female reproductive organs and the process of fertilization in them.

Male Reproductive System

  • Testes: Male humans have two testes. They are situated in a bag of skin known as the scrotum. Scrotum lies outside the pelvic cavity.
  • Sperm Duct: These are thin ducts that arise from the testes.
  • Prostrate Gland: This gland is an accessory gland in males which pours its secretions into the sperm duct along with the seminal fluid from the testes and into the penis.
  • Urethra: Functions as a common pathway for the seminal fluid and urine in males. It is longer in males and shorter in females.
  • Penis: Is an organ which lies outside the body and functions to eliminate both urine and semen.
The testes are the primary organs of male reproduction. They are responsible for producing the male gamete known as the sperm by a process called as spermatogenesis. This occurs in the seminiferous tubules of the testes. The testes are also responsible for secreting the male reproductive hormone testosterone.
Laydig Cells of the testes synthesizes Testosterone. The hormone testosterone not only helps in the formation of the sperm but also in the development of secondary sexual characters in males such as deepening of the voice, facial and pubic hair during puberty.

My advise
1...  After marriage every couple dreams to have Healthy child.  For this they participate in Sex.
2...  Till to this date they don't know about their body nutrients
3...  All required nutrients are available in your healthy food.  Eat well before marriage and you can have healthy child in you first attempt of Sex.

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