Mother's thoughts effect on her child ... 4

Mother's thoughts effect on her child ...  4

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Mother's thoughts effect on her child ...  4
Posted in 2014

Research has confirmed that imagery can alter blood flow, grow healthy cells, and destroy cancer cells. Lipton has even offered that a pregnant mother can affect her unborn child’s genetic development. Whether it’s called imagery, visualization, meditation, or hypnosis, decades of research have established this process for generating a multitude of tangible changes in the mental, emotional, and physical body.

If you are a pregnant woman, you may try these visual exercises:

In a place that is free of interruptions, close your eyes and practice seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and even tasting your way into a relaxed feeling, perhaps bringing attention towards your developing baby.  The key is to gently feel ease as you flow through this imagery.
Imagine as many senses as you can, immersing yourself in the feeling. Use the richness of your imagination, and go on a daydream. If other thoughts enter your mind, patiently return to your happy self, healthy baby, or simply a place of ease.
Similar to actors who develop emotions on cue, practicing positive thoughts and feelings will branch neurons and wire parts of your brain to respond accordingly. The more you practice, the faster and better you will learn to retrieve those emotions.

My advise
1...   When the couple decided to give birth to the child they leave  negative thoughts/
2..    They should practice positive thinking before  conceiving so that their bodies release healthy eggs n sperm with positive nature and  your child becomes a great person.
3....   I wish every couple should have a great child with greatest qualities.

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