Bonding with your child

Bonding with your child

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Bonding with your child
Posted in 2014

Researchers have shown that so much is happening inside the womb between mother and baby throughout those precious nine months. Beginning early in the pregnancy, natural rhythms and responses are developing constantly. Baby listens to mom and mom to baby, often even subconsciously. There is a communication system that unborn babies become familiar with, which often shows after birth by the responses of babies to their mother’s voice, touch, and even smell.
Bonding during pregnancy with your unborn baby may feel very natural to some pregnant moms and very foreign to others. Either way, bonding can occur gradually throughout the pregnancy without much effort. Thinking, feeling and sending love to your baby will establish the natural exchange needed for bonding.
Know how your Unborn child bonding with You. During your pregnancy
1. Think Positively
2. Eat healthy food
3. Positive relation with your Life partner
4. Always Be Happy and Healthy
If you follow this your Your child will grow Healthy with Positive attitude, Intelligent etc...I wish every couple should have Healthy and Brilliant child.
Your food will help your child to grow Healthy...

My advise
1...   In India there is a story that ABHIMANYU  a great warrior in Maha Bharat learned various techniques of fight in battle and attachment with parents before birth
2...   First of all you should develop bond with your child after conceiving and teach about our culture, education ...............
3....  When he started learning before birth i.e in mother's womb  then he will become a genius in his life.
4..    Plan what to teach and how to develop positive thoughts in his life....
5....  You will be very happy when the child grow.

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