Your mood will impact on your child

Your mood will impact on your child

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Your mood will impact on your child
Posted in 2015

If you are having a temporary down, your baby is likely to be just fine. Long-term stress during pregnancy can, however, have an impact on your unborn baby. 
Long-term stress is related to things such as: 
family or personal history of depression
stressful life events
problems with the pregnancy
problems at work
breakdown of familial or marital relations
violence at home
death of a loved one
Your unborn baby act according to your Mind. Baby's feelings also similar to Mother. I advise every woman to be Happy during Pregnancy. It will avoid lot of Mental tensions to the Unborn Baby. Besides this the baby will
grow Happy and develop Imagination or thinking power before birth.. Your Health and mind has great impact on your unborn child..

My advise
1...   We are seeing many people around us with different mentalities
2...    Many people asked me the causes the mentalities.    The main cause is couple interaction with each other during pregnancy.
3....   The child's brain develops with mother's mood...  If she is sorrow during pregnancy the child becomes isolated...if she has negative thinking or thoughts the child becomes criminal  ...if she is positive the child become brilliant
4...   Child's nature, intelligence ect.... depend on mother's mood during pregnancy.
5...   Develop positive thoughts, be happy, think positively that your child becomes Good nature, intelligent ....................

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