ROS and Male fertility ... 7

ROS and Male fertility ... 7

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ROS and Male fertility ... 7
Posted in 2013

During the final phase of the ejaculation, only high numbers of ROS-producing leukocytes are harmful to sperm functions. An infection which involves ROS in the epididymis, prostate gland, and/or seminal vesicles could indirectly damage sperm functions.
In 1943, a paper was published showing the effect of high oxygen tensions on motility and prevention of this phenomenon by adding catalase, which suggested the involvement of oxygen overload in motility of spermatozoa . Indeed, ROS generation was dependent on the oxygen tension; higher oxygen tensions increased ROS generation, mainly from leukocytes, whereas low oxygen tensions improved the survival rate and penetration capacity.
Oxidative stress has been considered a main cause to male infertility, but studies have showed that low and verified concentrations of ROS play a pivotal role in sperm physiological processes such as capacitation, hyperactivation, acrosome reactions, and signaling processes to provide a suitable fertilization, but an increase in oxidative stress leads to male infertility by the induction of peroxidative damage to the sperm plasma membrane, DNA damage, and apoptosis. ROS must be maintained at appropriate levels to ensure appropriate physiological function while preventing pathological damage to the spermatozoa. ROS is thought to influence fertility by affecting sperm membranes and sperm DNA. They reduce sperm motility and its ability to fuse with the oocyte and compromise paternal genomic contribution to the embryo; in fact, sperm are vulnerable to oxidative stress-induced damage due to the high portion of PUFA and also due to the low concentrations of scavenging enzymes in their cytoplasm, both contributing to the defective sperm function observed in a high percentage of infertility.

My advise
1...  Oxygen is important for our life.   Without oxygen we cannot survive
2...  Oxygen is important for digesting our food
3...  Oxygen is important for our brain, lungs and kidney function,, cleaning our blood etc..
4...  Oxygen is important for sperm health of the male
5...  Follow healthy food for your body and sperm health

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