Mother's thoughts effect on her child ... 5

Mother's thoughts effect on her child ...  5

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Mother's thoughts effect on her child ...  5
Posted in 2014

Mother's imagination on her child

imagine your growing baby.
Maybe she is one centimeter or maybe ten centimeters.
Visualize what a healthy child looks like.
Sense what a healthy child feels like.
Hear what a healthy child sounds like.
How does his heart pump blood?
How do her arms move?
How are his cells growing?
See your little one smile in the womb.
Hear her laugh, and feel her move in joyful motion.
There is no right or wrong. Let your five-minute daydream flow however a healthy child may be imagined.
Science is uncovering how  so much of what was once thought vague in a cloud of ambiguity  is actually very physical and more exact than we are usually taught to believe.  “Every change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconscious, is accompanied by an appropriate change in the physiological state.”-1 Thoughts are not a magical maybe, but cause the formation of specific hormones that have a very real effect on your body and your unborn baby.
You who are reading this now are the pioneers in a world that has forgotten our innate power.   You are the ones who will ride the front of the epi genetic  wave. You are what you think.  You are responsible for what you think.  And every moment of every day, your thoughts are creating your body and your baby.  
We have built resources to help you and your baby build the strongest, healthiest
pregnancy possible, and we invite you to take a look at some of those resources, or join us through our Prenatal Wellness Course that offers hours of support, guidance, teaching and community.

We often hear the first 3 years of a child’s life are the most important. So for the first 3 years with our children, we play the right games, buy the right toys and read the right books.
But recent studies prove that 6 months into a pregnancy, the fetus is already aware, reacting and emotionally active. At 6 months, the unborn child can see, hear, experience, taste, feel and even learn.
So a child’s physical and emotional health is being shaped before it’s even born. And part of that shaping is determined by how the parents – especially the mother – feel about life and each other.
So the important is Parents interaction with the child before and after birth upto 3 years .to develop the child
My advise
1...   When the couple decided to give birth to the child they leave  negative thoughts/
2..    They should practice positive thinking before  conceiving so that their bodies release healthy eggs n sperm with positive nature and  your child becomes a great person.
3....   I wish every couple should have a great child with greatest qualities.

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