Water will protect you during your pregnancy

Water will protect you during your pregnancy

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Water will protect you during your pregnancy
Posted in 2012

If you are Pregnant water will help U and Ur unborn child
Is there a big need for pregnant woman to drink more water during their term, or can they just continue consuming the same amount that they normally do? The answer is that any woman, at all time during her pregnancy term needs to drink additional water. The growth, health and development of the unborn child are dependent on it.
Water is the most essential substance in the body, not just the mother, but also in the developing child. The foetus needs water to aid in the development of the cells, blood, muscles and most importantly the brain. The only place for the unborn child to get the water that it need from is the mother, who has to drink enough water to keep her and her child hydrated at all times. Water is the backbone to the main transportation system in the body for nutrients, blood. It is the only source of nutrition that your unborn child receives for nine months, and it should therefore be at its best at all times. There is also a brilliant side effect to water that should be the main reason for every pregnant woman to drink more of it each day, and that is that being properly hydrated will aid in reducing many of the side effects of her pregnancy.
Beside this your food also important to keep U and Ur child healthy. Know the quality of your food 1. Easily Digested 2. Your mind should be active after taking your Food 3. You and your child should not get reaction. 4. It must contain nutrients needed to U and Ur child.
You will get all nutrients needed in your Food. 

My advise
1...  Water is the most important nutrient to protect yourself and your child during your pregnancy.
2...  Water is the most important for your child's brain, heart and kidney development
3...  Water is important for your child to avoid any infections, skin diseases ..............
4.... Drink water to protect yourself and your child

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