ROS and Male fertility ... 4

ROS and Male fertility ... 4

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ROS and Male fertility ... 4
Posted in 2013

ROS formation and redox signaling play a role in physiology and in a variety of pathologies, including inflammatory, infectious, and degenerative disorders, either in humans or in animals. ROS are involved in a variety of pathophysiological conditions of the testis, and oxidative stress is known to inhibit ovarian and testicular steroidogenesis. The disruption of redox signaling and control and imbalance in favor of prooxidant species define oxidative stress [
Oxidative stress is a state in which an oxidant-generating system overcomes an antioxidant defense system, a process that is involved in many diseases including male factor infertility and/or subfertility. ROS are products of normal cellular metabolism and are formed during the normal enzymatic reactions of intercellular and intracellular signaling . ROS overproduction can be induced through physiological or pathological mechanisms, including ROS generation by leukocytes as a cytotoxic mechanism of host defense, during hypoxic states leading to high levels of ROS, as well as by drugs with oxidizing effects on cells. Then, when mitochondria become a target of elevated levels of ROS, the process of oxidative phosphorylation might be affected because of a possible damage of proteins and membrane lipids. Lipids are present in the sperm plasma membrane in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that contain more than two carbon-carbon double bonds. ROS attacks PUFA in the cell membrane, leading to a cascade of chemical reactions called lipid peroxidation.

My advise
1...  Oxygen is important for our life.   Without oxygen we cannot survive
2...  Oxygen is important for digesting our food
3...  Oxygen is important for our brain, lungs and kidney function,, cleaning our blood etc..
4...  Oxygen is important for sperm health of the male
5...  Follow healthy food for your body and sperm health

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