ROS and Male fertility .. 1

ROS and Male fertility .. 1

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ROS and Male fertility .. 1
Posted in 2013

Oxygen is essential for animal life. Most of the body’s energy is produced by the enzymatically controlled reaction of oxygen with hydrogen in oxidative phosphorylation occurring in the mitochondria during oxidative respiration. In controlled reaction steps, hydrogen is provided in the form of reducing equivalent and the energy produced is conserved in the form of high-energy phosphates. A four-electron reduction of molecular oxygen to water involving cytochrome oxidase occurs in the mitochondria. During this stepwise, enzymatic reduction of oxygen, free radicals are formed.
Free radicals were first described more than a century ago ; more than 30 years later, it was showed that all oxidation reactions involving organic molecules would be mediated by free radicals. Then, free radicals were found in biological systems and were involved in many pathological processes and aging. Subsequently, their signaling function was evaluated, and then it was found that they were regulated by hormones like insulin and were regulators of metabolic pathways
My advise
1...  Oxygen is important for our life.   Without oxygen we cannot survive
2...  Oxygen is important for digesting our food
3...  Oxygen is important for our brain, lungs and kidney function,, cleaning our blood etc..
4...  Oxygen is important for sperm health of the male
5...  Follow healthy food for your body and sperm health

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