Overcoming Iron deficiency

Overcoming Iron deficiency

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Overcoming Iron deficiency
Posted in 2013

Supplementing with iron can improve your fertility and pregnancy parameters! Always have your iron levels checked by a health care professional before beginning supplementation. If it turns out your iron levels are adequate, supplementing can actually be dangerous. If you turn out to be iron deficient, here are some things to consider in an iron supplement:
Heme Vs. Non-Heme
Heme iron is the more easily absorbed form of iron, and is typically found in animal sources. Non-heme iron is more difficult for your body to absorb, and comes from plant-based sources. Although heme iron is more absorbable, research to date shows more benefit of non-heme iron when it comes to improving ovulation2. Nevertheless, both forms are fine to take and will likely provide benefit!
Other Considerations for Your Iron Supplementation
To ensure you are absorbing as much iron as possible (whether heme or non-heme), it’s important to pair iron with nutrients that boost it’s absorption. For example, vitamin C, B12, and folate enhance iron absorption and should therefore be included in your iron supplement!

My advise
1...  Iron is important for  us to form blood cells.
2...  Iron deficiency is the most common problem for all woman due to their monthly menses
3..   Every woman needs to take minimum of 1000 mg iron daily
4.... Pregnant woman should take more than 1500 mg irons for herself and unborn child's need.
5.... Plenty of iron is available in your food.....vegetables, pulses, fruits .................

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