Measurement of ROS ... 2

Measurement of ROS ... 2

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Measurement of ROS ... 2
Posted in 2013

The most used method for measurement of seminal ROS is the indirect chemiluminescence assay. Luminol (5-amino-2, 3, dihydro 1, 4, phthalazinedione), or lucigen, can be used for quantification of redox activities of spermatozoa. Lucigen measures only extracellular superoxide radicals, while luminol is used to measure extracellular and intracellular levels of ROS.
The nitroblue tetrazolium assay requires a light microscope and allows differentiation of spermatic and leukocytic ROS without the steps required in chemiluminescence assays. Nitroblue tetrazolium interacts with superoxide radicals in the sperm and leukocytes by changing to diformazan, a blue pigment. The concentration of diformazan correlates with the concentration of intracellular ROS

My advise
1...  Oxygen is important for our life.   Without oxygen we cannot survive
2...  Oxygen is important for digesting our food
3...  Oxygen is important for our brain, lungs and kidney function,, cleaning our blood etc..
4...  Oxygen is important for sperm health of the male
5...  Follow healthy food for your body and sperm health

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