Birth defects....Lung Problems treated

Birth defects....Lung Problems treated

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Birth defects....Lung Problems treated
Posted in 2014

The main focus of the treatment team will be on helping your child breathe more easily. This reduces stress on the body and helps the lungs mature and heal on their own.
Oxygen will be given to help your baby breathe better. It may be given through a tube in the nose or mouth. Another option is using a hood that covers the head entirely. If needed, a machine called a ventilator helps babies who can’t breathe on their own.
Your child’s doctor may prescribe medications to treat specific conditions. 
  • Bronchodilators may be used to open up the airways. 
  • Corticosteroids are often used to lessen inflammation.
  • Diuretics are given to keep fluid from building up in the lungs.
National Support is another important part of your child’s treatment plan. Babies with breathing problems burn a lot of calories. They need extra proteins and calories to keep growing at a normal rate. In addition, they may not be able to eat directly from bottle or at the breast. High-calorie and -protein mixtures may be given directly through a tube put in the stomach, in the nose, or into a vein.

My advise
1... Take necessary precautions to avoid lung problems to your child
3... Wait to enjoy with your Healthy child

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