Birth defects.....Lung problems

Birth defects.....Lung problems

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Birth defects.....Lung problems
Posted in 2013

  • Lung malformations though rare, can be caused by something going wrong with the development of the lungs.
  • Premature babies face breathing problems because their respiratory systems are still immature.
Some babies are born with problems with their lungs, called congenital lung abnormalities or birth defects. They form as the result of something going wrong with the development of the baby’s lungs during pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind that these malformations are rare.
Lung problems may be suspected if signs of respiratory distress, such as increased breathing rate, grunting, or a bluish tint to the skin, are present but unexplained in a newborn baby. X-rays and other imaging techniques may be used to make a diagnosis.
My advise
1...  As I am telling U from the beginning that to develop all parts of the child You need 1.Healthy food  2..Water and 3..Oxygen 
2.. Without proper oxygen(air) lungs could not be enlarged/ expanded 
3.. Major part.Lungs functions is breathing. 
4.. I suggest every woman to take food which will need minimum oxygen so that the unborn child's lungs will be expanded.
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