Know about Stillbirth

Know about Stillbirth

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Know about Stillbirth
Posted in 2015

Stillbirth means if a child expires before delivery in mother's womb.

According to the National Stillbirth Society, stillbirth is defined as the intrauterine death and subsequent delivery of a developing infant that occurs beyond 20 completed weeks of gestation. Stillbirth occurs in about 1 in 160 pregnancies. The majority of stillbirths happen before labor, whereas a small percentage occur during labor and delivery.
My advise
1..  Every couple wish to have healthy child
2..  If the child expires before delivery is called stillbirth
3..  It is due to insufficient oxygen or nutrients or water to the baby.  The major is high hypertension of mother... Control your hypertension with your life style and healthy food.
4..  Eat healthy food which consumes less oxygen for your body needs and sufficient oxygen to the baby.
5..  Drink water as needed

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