Birth defects.....Causes of liver defects

Birth defects.....Causes of liver defects

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Birth defects.....Causes of liver defects
Posted in 2014

Healthcare providers don't know the exact cause of congenital liver defects. Most likely they are caused by something that happened as the fetus was developing or around the time of birth. This might happen because of one or more of the following:
  • A viral or bacterial infection after birth
  • An immune system problem, such as when the immune system attacks the liver or bile ducts for unknown reasons
  • A genetic mutation. This is a long-lasting change in a gene’s structure.
  • A problem during liver and bile duct development in the fetus
  • Contact with toxic substances

My advise
1...   I don't believe in genetics as I have seen in many families the children against to genetics.
2...   I believe in our life style, healthy habits etcc...
3...   Follow healthy habits and have Healthy and Brilliant child

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