Results of study on Age for Infertility

Results of study on Age for Infertility

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Results of study on Age for Infertility
Posted in 2015

The studied population consisted of 110 infertile women.
Regarding age, 64.5% of the 110 women coming to the center of the Assisted Reproduction and agreeing to participate were 20-29 years old, 20.0% were 30-39 years old, 11.8% were 40-49 years old and 3.7% were above 50 years old. Regarding family status, 94.4% (106) of the women were married and 3.6% (4) were single. The last ones were addressed in Assisted Reproduction not because of a specific gynecological problem that wouldn’t allow them to have children, but because they wanted to have children with the use of artificial insemination.
Regarding educational status, 56.4% of the participants were university graduates or graduates from technical institutions, 27.3% were high school graduates, 8.2% were graduates from different institutions, 4.5% were gymnasium graduates and 3.6% were primary school graduates.
Regarding the profession of the study population, 35.0% were employees in the private sector, 27.0% were employees in the public sector, 24.0% were self-employees and 14.0% dealt with household.
Regarding residence, 79.1% of the couples lived in Central Greece, 7.0% in the islands and 3.0% in Peloponnesus.

The results of the present study showed that the most common cause of female infertility was problems in the fallopian tubes in 27.4% of the cases, while the second most common cause was the infertility by « unknown causes», in the 24.5%.
53.6% of respondents with infertility of «unknown cause» had made several attempts of Assisted Reproduction.
The third most common cause was disorders of menstruation in the 20% of the cases, following infertility due to problems in the uterus in the 9.1% of the cases. Finally, in 2.7% of the participants infertility was due to age, an additional 2.7% due to sexual disorders and the last cause was the ovarian failure, which was common for the majority of the women tested. 
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