Child bearing age

Child bearing age

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Child bearing age
Posted in 2015

Childbearing and raising of children are extremely important events in every human’s life and are strongly associated with the ultimate goals of completeness, happiness and family integration. It is widely accepted that human existence reaches completeness through a child and fulfils the individual’s need for reproduction. Human fertility, compared with other species of animal kingdom, is unfortunately low 
According to recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 8-10% of couples are facing some kind of infertility problem. Globally, this means that 50-80 million people are facing the problem of getting an integrated family. In the USA, approximately 5 million people have infertility problems, while in Europe the incidence is estimated around 14% 
The incidence of infertility is associated with geographic differences. For example, in some west-African communities infertility rate is around 50%, while in some western European countries is 12%. Likewise, differences are observed both in developed countries, where rates range from 3.5% to 16.7%, as well as in less developed countries, where rates of infertility range from 6.9% to 9.3%. It has also been observed that the causes are related to geographical differences. Especially in Western countries, the most common risk factor of infertility is age, while in Africa is sexually transmitted diseases .
Infertility is defined as the inability of getting pregnant after trying for at least 6 months or one year, for women over 35 years old, without use of birth control means and while having normal sexual intercourse. Assisted reproduction includes all the methods used for fertilization, which is not achieved through sexual intercourse 
In the past, people had little control over their fertility and couples that could not get a child had no other choice but to accept the fact. In contrast, although today infertility is a relatively common problem that touches deeply the soul of couples involved in this, medical science has increased the chances of giving solutions to the problem with the Assisted Reproduction.
The first successful fertilization of human eggs in the laboratory was in 1978. The fact of the first child-birth by this process was a real milestone because it gave hope to the infertile couples as it offered a possible solution to the problem. Furthermore, in the USA, the first successful childbirth in 1981 through Assisted Reproduction led to rapidly increasing application of this method and the creation of specialized centers 
The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes of infertility in women of reproductive age.
My advise
1...  I advise all  Couples  and become a happy to Male and female unmarried to use your age properly i.e giving birth to Healthy child
2...  Follow Healthy habits
3...  Wait for your healthy child


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