Importance of Oxygen in your Pregnancy

Importance of Oxygen in your Pregnancy

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Importance of Oxygen in your Pregnancy
Posted in 2013

The period of time between conception and birth holds tremendous power for the life-time health of the easily influenced growing human. During this 35-40 week pregnancy span an expectant mother must be in optimal health so that she can adequately supply her child with the nutrients needed for healthy development. Sleep apnea is an epidemic and has become increasingly common among pregnant women. The disorder is often characterized by a small airway, flaccid soft-tissue of the throat or underdeveloped anatomy. Oxygen restriction places the intrauterine baby at risk for: growth restriction (IUGR), diabetes or a stillbirthSleep apnea and pregnancy share a few similar symptoms, blurring the line between healthy and unhealthy body changes. Identifying the difference between the two will empower the mother to read her own body with higher precision and, if needed, take action toward a cure. A sleep study will place her on the fast track to making this happen. Once the issues are determined, oxygen treatment solutions are available.

My advise
1...  Every one on this earth will take 6 Liters of  Oxygen per minute.   Number of breaths indicates the amount of oxygen your body receives.  Each breath our body sends 120 ml to protect your brain, heart and kidney.
2...  If your body consumes minimum oxygen for your digestion and body needs then only your can receive remaining oxygen to develop all parts.
3.... So take the food which will consume less oxygen.

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