You need more water during your Pregnancy

You need more water during your pregnancy

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You need more water during your pregnancy
Posted in 2014

You need more of water during Pregnancy
Pregnant or not, you need water to keep healthy. Your body and your vital organs must have water to function properly. 
During pregnancy, your body needs more water to cope with the demands of your changing body.
Water is essential for healthy blood cells and to keep your body hydrated. Water is also a key component of breast milk, and essential for good lactation.

Your unborn child also need water which you require to supply.
I have seen many woman who drink water which is not sufficient to their body and cry after delivery by seeing the defective child...If you follow Healthy habits i.e drinking water you can enjoy with your child...I advice all who wants to give birth to the child should drink sufficient water to prevent defective births...Brought to you


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