Repair time...Small intestines

Repair time...Small intestines

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Repair time...Small intestines
Posted in 2015

Small Intestines: Have you noticed that between 1 to 3 p.m. you are more apt to have indigestion, pain and bloating? If this happens, two things could be wrong: 1. Your diet is not what it should be and your food is not digesting; 2. Your diet is causing problems that are now causing you stress. A proper diet will help take care of these problems.

Pregnant woman should take care of her food to protect herself and her unborn child

My advise
1...  I have seen many people suffering from Stomach pain and Indigestion
2...  Our body is designed by the God to clean unwanted from small intestines but most of the people do not follow Healthy life style and using medicines years together.  It long run these medicines causes damage to many parts of the body.
3...  Don't use medicines frequently
4...  If you are suffering from indigestion Fasting is the best to repair small intestine
5...  Drink glass of water with 2 spoons of honey and half piece of Lime juice

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