Your Brain....The neuron forest

Your Brain....The neuron forest

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Your Brain....The neuron forest
Posted in 2015

The real work of your brain goes on in individual cells. An adult brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, with branches that connect at more than 100 trillion points. Scientists call this dense, branching network a "neuron forest."  
Straveling through the neuron forest  form the basis of memories, thoughts, and feelings.
Neurons are the chief type of cell destroyed by Alzheimer's disease.

We have experiences and memories, different  thoughts, our feelings, learning etc...Some person will not remember a particular feelings or lessons or thoughts or other because these children children doesn't receive Oxygen as needed before birth.

I wish every couple should enjoy with Brilliant child....Please note the following

My advise
1...Your food is the main cause of consuming Oxygen...So select the food which will consume less oxygen so that all nerve cells open to your child before birth.
2...Drink water sufficient to your body and unborn child
3.. Wait to enjoy with your Brilliant child

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