Energy you need during your Pregnancy

Energy you need during your Pregnancy

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Energy you need during your Pregnancy
Posted in 2014

  • Not pregnant: A woman who is not pregnant needs approximately 2,100 calories per day.
  • Pregnant: A pregnant woman needs approximately 2,500 calories per day.
  • Breastfeeding: A breastfeeding woman needs approximately 3,000 calories per day.
  • The above are considered average height and personality.
  • Depend on your height and personality energy required is changed
My advise
1....  Energy in Oils is about 9000 Calories per liter.   Even a spoon of oil contains about 150 calories.
2...   This oil foods consumes more oxygen for digestion due to which your unborn child doesn't receive oxygen as needed.
3....  Due to lack of oxygen your child's brain and body development will be disturbed which causes birth defects.
4...   Follow healthy food to protect yourself and your unborn child.

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