Vitamin C need increased in your pregnancy

Vitamin C need increased in your pregnancy

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Vitamin C need increased in your pregnancy
Posted in 2013

The need for vitamin C is increased in pregnancy due to larger blood volume in the mother and the growth of the unborn baby. Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen which is especially important in blood vessels.
Vitamin C also improves adsorption of iron from your diet.
The average requirement for vitamin C during pregnancy is 40mg/day but because of individual variation, some women may need 60mg/day or more. Excellent dietary sources of vitamin C include fruit and vegetables
My advise
1..  Vitamin C helps to improve resistance power to your child.
2..  Vitamin C needs increased in your to protect your self from infections and improve body resistance of your unborn child.
3... It is available in vegetables, fruits etc....

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