Without Sleep apnea allows adequate Oxygen in your Pregnancy

Without Sleep apnea allows adequate Oxygen in your Pregnancy

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Without Sleep apnea allows adequate Oxygen in your Pregnancy
Posted in 2013

One of the primary similarities between sleep apnea and pregnancy involves fatigue.Pregnancy requires certain physical changes that come with growing new life; often including shortness of breath, due to the baby pressing against the mother’s diaphragm. The dividing line between both conditions determines how much oxygen the baby has access to and the level of restorative sleep the mother is able to achieve. Pregnancy without sleep apnea allows for adequate oxygen to get to the growing baby and provides an opportunity for the mother to benefit from deep sleep. Sleep apnea works against pregnancy in that it places a roadblock for oxygen or sleep to happen. This is because when the mother lies down to go to sleep, gravity paired with facial/airway obstruction make it impossible for her deeply inhale and exhale, the foundation of peaceful sleep.Her body instinctively keeps her awake or sends a clear alert signal such as snoring, indicating it is dangerously low on oxygen. A sleep study will be able to differentiate between the two

My advise
1...  You should have peace of mind to get good sleep.
2...   Your food is also cause of sleep... If you eat heavy food it requires more hours to digest and consumes more oxygen.
3...  Select the food which consumes less oxygen.

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