Low Iron levels may cause premature n low weight birth

Low Iron levels may cause premature n low weight birth

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Low Iron levels may cause premature n low weight birth
Posted in 2013

Pregnancy can deplete a mother’s iron stores. Therefore, it is important to have an appropriate intake of iron to help build and maintain these stores. Low iron levels in early pregnancy have been linked to premature birth and low birth weight.
The average requirement for iron in pregnancy is 22mg/day but some women will need 27mg/day or more. A mixed diet of animal and plant foods can help you achieve your iron intake. Absorption of iron is better from animal foods compared to plant sources, and the recommended dietary intakes are based on a mixed western diet.
Red meat is the best source of iron as well as also being a good source of protein and zinc. Other meats like chicken and fish also contain iron but not as much as red meat. Iron can also be found in leafy green vegetables, legumes and iron-enriched breakfast cereals.
Adding a glass of fruit juice or other foods rich in vitamin C (such as tomato, broccoli or capsicum) to a meal will increase the amount of iron the body absorbs. In contrast, tea, coffee and unprocessed bran can inhibit iron absorption.
Some women may benefit from taking an iron supplement if they are iron deficient, but it is best to take them according to your doctor’s advice as supplementation may cause symptoms like constipation and be harmful in excessive amounts.
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1...  Low iron may cause premature and low weight births....  2.. It is very important for blood formation, brain functions, boost immunity etc.....3.. It is available in your food.
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