Vitamin E In Pregnancy

Vitamin E In Pregnancy

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Vitamin E In Pregnancy

Posted in 2014

Vitamin E, like all other vitamins and nutrients, plays various roles in our health, and of course, during pregnancy. However Vitamin E has had some questionable press, such as one study that was carried out in Holland and made its way into the Daily Mail. The NHS picked this up also. The NHS feature about this study and Vitamin E, in general, starts with the following statement:

“New research has shown that “Vitamin E ‘can increase the risk of heart defects in babies,’” says the Daily Mail. The newspaper warns that consuming as little as three-quarters of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E while pregnant can lead to a nine-fold increase the risk of a heart problem at birth.”
Further into the NHS feature, they offer this practical advice:
“Despite limitations to this research, the possible association between high vitamin E intake and congenital heart defects is an important one requiring further research. UK guidance currently gives no recommendations on taking vitamin E during pregnancy. At present, it may be sensible for pregnant women to not be overly concerned by vitamin E naturally occurring in foods and continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet but to consider avoiding vitamin E supplements.”
Another study published in September 2014, in the International Journal – Advances in Nutrition – estimates that approximately 90% of Americans are not currently consuming enough of vitamin E as part of their diet. The study also discusses potential poor outcomes in pregnancy, when there is a deficiency of vitamin E, for both the mother and the infant.
We appreciate that the studies may seem confusing, but this is partially because of the limitations to the research, and as the NHS has pointed out, further research is required in this area. Therefore, it is best to follow the NHS guidelines of eating a healthy, balanced diet, which will enable you to intake some Vitamin E naturally, without over-doing it. On this feature, you can check out the food pyramid from Ireland’s HSE

My advise
1... It is clear that Vitamin E is the main cause Heart defects to your child
2... Vitamin E is available in your Healthy food.  Select and eat during your pregnancy
3..  Protect your health and your unborn child's health

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