Repair time ....Lungs

Repair time ....Lungs

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Repair time ....Lungs
Posted in 2014

Lungs: The lungs are the first organs of the day that are up for repair and maintenance. The toxic waste from your lungs becomes loosened between 3 to 5 a.m., and when you awaken, this is why you cough sometimes. Your lungs are trying to expel the loosened waste. If you are coughing in the morning, this indicates that your diet and lifestyle needs tweaking

My advise
1...  Lungs are very important organ in our body...  While breathing toxic and unwanted entered in our body...  It needs to be repaired n cleaned to protect our health.
2... Out of 24 hours lungs will repair 3 to 5 AM....It has fixed by the God.
3... Follow nature principles  n healthy life style to protect your health
4... Oxygen will flow along with blood...If any unwanted or toxin enters in our blood it will be cleaned

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