Birth defects...Bone and muscle

Birth defects...Bone and muscle

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Birth defects...Bone and muscle
Posted in 2015

Birth defects can occur in any bone or muscle, although the bones and muscles of the skull, face, spine, hips, legs, and feet are affected most often. Bones and muscles may develop incompletely. Also, structures that normally align together may be separated or misaligned. Usually, bone and muscle defects result in abnormal appearance and function of the affected part of the body. Most of these defects are repaired surgically if symptoms are troublesome. Often, the surgery is complex and involves reconstructing deformed or absent body parts.

My advise
1..  I have seen many birth defects due to bone structure.
2... Some are facial, hands, legs, hips, chest, knee etc...
3..  Out of all only few can be treated but majority cannot be treated
4..  The child has to suffer with this birth defects life long.
5..  I advise every couple to take Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K enriched food before and after conception till delivery.
6..  Develop positive thinking

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