Birth defects....Chronic Lung disease

Birth defects....Chronic Lung disease

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Birth defects....Chronic Lung disease
Posted in 2014

Chronic lung disease means that there is damage to the newborn’s lungs. The lungs trap air, collapse, fill with fluid or produce extra mucus, making it hard for the infant to breathe.
What causes chronic lung disease? It’s not an easy question to answer. Sometimes it’s because the lungs are not fully developed if the child is born early. They often lack surfactant, a lubricant found in healthy lungs. It prevents lung collapse and allows for the rise and fall of the lungs when breathing in and out. Another cause is when there are few alveoli, tiny air sacs where the oxygen leaves the lung and gets into the blood steam.
For babies that are born at full term, other illnesses or defects may cause lung disease

There are several chances if any of your family members or fore fathers or closed relatives ie. blood related is there ...your child may face any of the Lung problems as given in the above picture...  You can prevent your child if you take following steps.

My advise
1... Practice breathing techniques
2... Take healthy food which consume minimum oxygen for your body needs
3... Wait for your healthy child

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