Water around the Baby before birth is necessary

Water around the Baby before birth is  necessary

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Water around the Baby before birth is  necessary
Posted in 2015

Water around the baby before birth is called Amniotic Fluid.

  • Amniotic fluid is the fluid around fetus (Unborn baby in uterus)in which it swims during the course of the pregnancy. This is approximately 98% water.
  • In a term pregnancy, total volume of fluid is around 2800 ml
  • Definition of Oligohydramnios

    Abnormally decreased volume of amniotic fluid is called ‘Oligohydramnios”
    Oligohydramnios- Water Around Fetus Decreases During Pregnancy.
    Anhydramnios- No measurable pocket of amniotic fluid around baby

    Source of amniotic fluid

    Amniotic fluid is a secretion of fluid from various sources. The main sources are listed below
    • Membranes and placenta surrounding baby
    • Fetal skin
    • Fetal urine production
    • Fetal lung fluid

    Importance of amniotic fluid

    Amniotic fluid serves several roles during pregnancy
    • It allows the fetus to have movements in the uterus. This helps in development of muscles and bones of the baby
    • Fetus keeps on swallowing this fluid. This helps in development of intestines of the baby.
    • It gives space so that fetal lungs can expand. This will help in development of lungs of baby and baby will breathe normally when born
    • Fetus draws its blood supply, oxygen and nutrition from umbilical cord. Adequate amniotic fluid is necessary for its free movement and continuous supply.
  • Since last few years I am telling the importance of water during your pregnancy.  It helps to avoid defective births.
  • Drink sufficient water to avoid defective births

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