Vitamin C deficiency in your Pregnancy...3

Vitamin C deficiency in your Pregnancy...3

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Vitamin C deficiency in your Pregnancy...3
Posted in 2015

He noted that if women who are pregnant eat a diet high in variety, refrain from smoking, and take daily vitamins they should not be at risk for vitamin C deficiency.

"Because it takes so little to avoid vitamin C deficiency, it is my hope that both politicians and the authorities will become aware that this can be a potential problem," explained Jens Lykkesfeldt.

2... Excessive Vitamin C necessary before and early pregnancy
Staying healthy is vital during pregnancy. Vitamin C is touted as one of the keys to good health because of its immune-boosting reputation. While some vitamin C is essential to a healthy pregnancy, too much may lead to problems in both you and your baby, especially in early pregnancy. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should get all of the vitamin C you need from a healthy, well-balanced diet and your prenatal vitamin, not from vitamin C supplements.

3... Safe Dosage

Safe dosage recommendations vary. The American Pregnancy Association recommends 80 to 85 mg daily, while the National Institutes of Health's Medline Plus suggests that pregnant women consume around 120 milligrams daily. The negative effects of vitamin C likely occur at dosages above the 2,000 milligrams tolerable upper intake level. Manage your intake by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for their vitamin C content, rather than taking supplements to meet your nutritional needs.

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