Problems in the uterus

Problems in the uterus 

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Problems in the uterus
Posted in 2012

Problems in the uterus or fallopian tubes can prevent the egg from traveling from the ovary to the uterus, or womb.
If the egg does not travel, it can be harder to conceive naturally.
Causes include:
  • Surgery: Pelvic surgery can sometimes cause scarring or damage to the fallopian tubes. Cervical surgery can sometimes cause scarring or shortening of the cervix. The cervix is the neck of the uterus.
  • Submucosal fibroids: Benign or non-cancerous tumors occur in the muscular wall of the uterus. They can interfere with implantation or block the fallopian tube, preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg. Large sub mucosal uterine fibroids  may make the uterus' cavity bigger, increasing the distance the sperm has to travel.
  • Endometriosis: Cells that normally occur within the lining of the uterus start growing elsewhere in the body.
  • Previous sterilization treatment: In women who have chosen to have their fallopian tubes blocked, the process can be reversed, but the chances of becoming fertile again are not high.

Medications, treatments, and drugs

Some drugs can affect fertility in a woman.
  •  Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs): Long-term use of aspirin or ibuprofen may make it harder to conceive.
  • Chemotherapy: Some chemotherapy  drugs can result in ovarian failure. In some cases, this may be permanent.
  • Radiation therapy: If this is aimed near the reproductive organs, it can increase the risk of fertility problems.
  • Illegal drugs: Some women who use marijuana or cocaine may have fertility problems.

My advise
1....  Endometriosis, fibroid etc..are the problems in uterus or fallopian tubes
2...   Due to these problems  egg cannot travel
3....  Follow healthy habits to avoid the above problems
4..    Avoid medicines for pain i.e. ibuprofen
5...   Drink sufficient water

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