Infertility risk factors

Infertility risk factors

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Infertility risk factors
Posted in 2012

Many of the risk factors for both male and female infertility are the same. They include:
  • Age. A woman's fertility gradually declines with age, especially in her mid-30s, and it drops rapidly after age 37. Infertility in older women may be due to the number and quality of eggs, or to health problems that affect fertility. Men over age 40 may be less fertile than younger men are and may have higher rates of certain medical conditions in offspring, such as psychiatric disorders or certain cancers.
  • Tobacco use. Smoking tobacco or marijuana by either partner reduces the likelihood of pregnancy. Smoking also reduces the possible benefit of fertility treatment. Miscarriages are more frequent in women who smoke. Smoking can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and a low sperm count in men.
  • Alcohol use. For women, there's no safe level of alcohol use during conception or pregnancy. Avoid alcohol if you're planning to become pregnant. Alcohol use increases the risk of birth defects, and may contribute to infertility. For men, heavy alcohol use can decrease sperm count and motility.
  • Being overweight. Among American women, an inactive lifestyle and being overweight may increase the risk of infertility. A man's sperm count may also be affected if he is overweight.
  • Being underweight. Women at risk of fertility problems include those with eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia, and women who follow a very low calorie or restrictive diet.
  • Exercise issues. Insufficient exercise contributes to obesity, which increases the risk of infertility. Less often, ovulation problems may be associated with frequent strenuous, intense exercise in women who are not overweight.
My advise
1....  Over weight or under weight couples will face lot of problem to conceive, even if conceived they may face many lot of problems during their pregnancy and delivery.
2...   Generally the children of  over or under weight couples may be abnormal or weak or any
3...   Couples before conceiving should maintain Healthy weight with Healthy habits.
4...   Over weight couples will do rigorous exercise or not eating the food to reduce the weight it results to  become very weak and face other health problems also.   Your body needs certain nutrients daily to maintain healthy and you should supply it.   You can reduce your weight with Healthy habits, healthy food
5..   Under weight couples  need to supply their bodies required nutrients daily to become normal.  It is only possible with your healthy habits, healthy food.
6.... The couples should leave unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol etc...
7...  Follow healthy habits to have healthy child

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